Tips for Thinking More Positively

| By Jodi Horton

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Being mindful of our thoughts and what we believe can have a strong and positive influence upon our feelings. Here are a few things to think about as you cultivate positive thoughts.

Improve your self-talk

Self-talk is our inner dialogue–the way we talk to ourselves. It’s usually automatic, so much so that we barely notice it. This can affect our mood and feelings. Here’s an example of how self-talk can work.

You begin to feel anxiety, and you think, “Soon I won’t be able to breathe.” Your anxiety increases. Or, you begin to feel anxiety, and you think, “I’ll begin to breathe deeply.” Your anxiety lessens.

By working with your thoughts, you can influence your feelings and reactions. Take time to be aware of your own self-talk.

Mistaken Beliefs and positive affirmations

Much of our self-talk is rooted in mistaken beliefs and negative statements about ourselves. Positive statements that can change mistaken beliefs are called affirmations. Affirmations are short statements based in the present time that we create for ourselves and that we feel we can begin to believe. Bringing affirmations into the heart and mind by writing them out and placing them in view, and/or repeating them in a relaxed state, can change mistaken beliefs. Here’s a sample affirmation: I am a worthy human being. I accept myself as I am.

Learn to relax and live in the present moment

By learning to relax, we can calm the mind. Taking time each day to practice relaxation can help you achieve a lasting sense of inner peace. When our mind is calm, we become present to the precious gift of the moment–the only moment we ever truly have.

Practice relaxation in your own way. Some individuals like to meditate in a quiet space, while others may find the perfect way to relax is to wake up an extra 15 minutes early and have a cup of coffee outside. Experiment with simple ways to bring relaxation into your life.

Maintaining Hope

To hope is to desire with the expectation that desire will be fulfilled. When individuals are living with life-limiting illness, hope does not end. Hope changes as our reality and goals change. There is always reason to hope, perhaps for physical comfort, companionship, or peace. Hope may be specific, or may signify a fundamental trust that “all will be well” despite our difficulties. Our hopes are as unique as we are.

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