Three Ways to Remember Mom for Mother’s Day

| By Meredith Ford

When it comes to grief, holidays can be especially hard days. With the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday, we know some of you may be struggling as you remember Mom.  Below is a list of ideas for channeling your grief and memories into crafts that will help you honor her memory this Mother’s Day. mom-48958_1280

1. Mom’s recipes

Was your mom a wonderful cook? Did she keep a recipe box of index cards in the kitchen with all of her go-to family dinner recipes? Frame those cards and hang them in your kitchen to keep her memory nearby as you prepare favorite family meals. We love this idea for decorating with recipes.

2. Family history crafts

This website offers 13 DIY family history crafts that we think make great ideas for keeping Mom’s memory alive. The projects vary from simple to more complicated, and all of them make a nice complement to any home’s décor. We’re especially partial to framing favorite pieces of jewelry or military medals, the homemade ornaments, and the homemade coasters.

3. Letters from Mom

Do you have old letters between your parents, or cards and notes from your mom? We found this idea on a home decorating blog, and we just loved it. The decorator took old notes from various individuals in her life, enlarged them, and framed them. They look beautiful on the wall, and we love the idea of taking letters and keeping someone’s words on your wall as a daily reminder of their love. Letters on the wall, in Mom’s handwriting, are a terrific way to remember her.

Find more ideas for remembering loved ones, managing grief, and more on our Pinterest page.


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