The Bucket List: Looking Past the List

| By Jodi Horton
Susan with her tomatoes

Susan with heirloom tomatoes from her garden.

Editor’s Note: Staff were asked to submit their bucket lists or a picture of an item they’ve completed from their list. Susan Morgan from HR submitted the piece below and a photo of herself.  I have been pondering what I would include [on my bucket list] and what I have done. One item I am currently accomplishing is maintaining a vegetable garden. One item that I still dream of doing is to take a trip to Ireland.This question of bucket list items, however, is drawing me more deeply than my checklist to those serendipitous experiences that, had I known, would have surely made the list. These wonderful surprises and opportunities add rich texture to my life with gifts surpassing any goals I have set. The most recent of these was a week at a spa in San Diego. I never dreamed of doing such a thing, yet when my mother-in-law offered to take my spouse and me to share this special experience, I said “YES” with my whole being. Beyond the pampering, I was invigorated by a program that challenged my physical fitness, provided beautiful wholesome food for my body, and enlivened my spirit. I had no idea of this possibility! I will keep dreaming my bucket list, but while doing so, I will stay open to the small and large gifts that each day brings.

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