Techniques for Relieving Stress

| By Jodi Horton

Caregiving is a stressful job, and caregivers often put others before themselves. The concern for others is admirable, but the cost of not caring for yourself can be an expensive one. Find ways, big and small, that can help you de-stress from your daily pressures.

1. Music is a great stress reliever for a lot of people. We see often the power music has on our patients when our certified music practitioners play for them. The body begins to relax, and a calmness can set in. Music can also help caregivers. Every other month, one of our practitioners hosts a hourlong musical experience to help staff members de-stress. Those who attend say the hour is a release for them, allowing them to let go of tensions and strong emotions, and rejuvenating them for the next day.

2. Regular exercise can also be a powerful stress reliever for individuals. A daily exercise routine, such as a few minutes of yoga poses in the morning, an evening walk, or a few laps in the pool can help you release tension from your body and mind. In this Stress Management article from the Mayo Clinic, exercise can relieve stress by increasing endorphins in the body and giving your mind the chance to focus only on your movements.

3. Take a deep breath. Focusing on your breathing can calm the nerves and the mind. We found this article from on breathing exercises to help you relax.


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