Starting a Life Review Project

| By Jodi Horton

At the end of life, it’s common for individuals to reflect on the major moments of their lives. It’s natural for us to think about the people who were meaningful to us, about the events that were significant, the decisions we made. “Advancing age brings an opportunity to look back, consider life’s ups and downs, and construct a sense of integration (if not acceptance) prior to death. For most, this is not a morbid process, but a hopeful and even joyful one – even for those subject to past difficulty and trauma” (Life Review Project). If you would like to complete a life review project, here are some suggestions to get you started and creative ways to commemorate someone’s life.

Asking Questions

All life reviews have to start with asking questions. When helping someone complete a life review, you can choose to focus on the life as a whole or a specific portion of his or her life. The Legacy Project offers a pdf download of sample questions to guide you.

Choose a Medium

You could choose to just have a conversation about someone’s life, but you can also choose a way to record their story. The medium can be another symbol for the individual. For example, the life review of a person who enjoyed scrapbooking is probably best remembered through a scrapbook. A person who loved technology might choose to conduct a life review via online blog or a video diary. Here are a few suggestions for mediums to archive a person’s life review:

  • Scrapbook
  • Memory box
  • Audio or video recording
  • Journal
  • Collage

Enjoy the Stories

Finally, we hope you enjoy this opportunity to connect with a loved one and even perhaps, with your own history.

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