Finding Help for Your Grief

Although it is common to want to find our own way through grief and avoid seeking help, grief support can make a difference. Experiencing the death of a loved one can often overwhelm our ability to cope; some things are simply bigger than we are and require more resources in times of need. Most people feel strengthened, encouraged, and supported when they learn about grief: understanding how grief affects us, identifying coping strategies and learning new methods to help ourselves through the grief experience. Counseling and support services can be a guide through some of the challenges of grieving. Grief support groups and bereavement counseling are provided at Casa de la Luz Hospice by professionals.

Casa de la Luz Hospice bereavement groups provide support to the Tucson community, regardless of whether your loved one was cared for by our hospice or not. All groups are open to the public and free of charge, however, donations to the Casa de la Luz Foundation will be gratefully accepted.

Grief Counseling


    Friday Support Groups

    An open group for newly bereaved and other grieving individuals. The group offers support and discussion of topics of immediate need in a safe environment with a facilitator. Individuals meet each Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. or 12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m., at the Casa de la Luz Conference Center located at 7740 N. Oracle Road. Groups are conducted in Building 7760. No registration is required. Please call (520) 544-9890 for directions.


    Healing Journeys

    This eight-week structured group provides support and education and is appropriate for individuals whose loss is two or more months. The group session utilizes Understanding Your Grief, by Dr. Alan D. Wolfelt. Groups meet at Casa de la Luz offices and other locations around Tucson. Materials are provided. Day and evening groups are available. Dates, times, and locations vary. Please call (520) 544-9890 for information or to register.


    Continuing the Journey

    This group is appropriate for individuals whose loss is ten months or more. It is intended for those who have completed the Healing Journeys program or the Men and Grief group. The eight-week series focuses on transforming loss into new possibilities. Registration required. Contact (520) 544-9890 to register or for more information.


    Survivors of Suicide

    This group is appropriate for individuals who are living with the loss of a loved one by suicide. A six session structured group for support and education will be offered periodically throughout the year. Registration is required. Please call (520) 544-9890 for more information or to register.


    Men and Grief

    It is often said that men grieve differently than women. If this is true, then what is that difference? What do men uniquely need in order to make their journey through grief? This men’s workshop will focus on men and their grief resulting from a death or in anticipation of death. Meetings are held periodically throughout the year. Please call (520) 544-9890 for more information.


    Mind-Body Medicine Skills for Grieving Adults

    Although grief is the normal and natural response to the death of a loved one, it can also be very stressful. This eight session group is intended for participants to explore a variety of different techniques and methods to nourish and replenish their depleted reserves and help them to deal with life change and stress. Techniques include breathing exercises, meditation, movement, guided imagery and more. Please call (520) 544-9890 to register and for more information.


    Individual Counseling

    Casa de la Luz provides one-on-one counseling after the death of a loved one. Our professionally trained bereavement counselors can support and guide you through your grief journey. To set up an appointment with a counselor, please call our office at (520) 544-9890.

Memorial Services

Casa de la Luz Hospice offers a “Celebration of Life Memorial” to honor the lives that have been entrusted into our care three times a year. Celebration of Life Memorial services are non-denominational and feature music, readings, a candle-lighting ceremony, and the reading aloud of names of Casa patients who have died within the previous four months. The service concludes with a reception and offers an important and healing opportunity for family members and Casa staff to reconnect.