Response to coronavirus (COVID-19)

| By Meredith Ford

Ensuring continuity of care for our patients, maintaining the safety of our staff and volunteers and providing ongoing support to our local healthcare partners is of utmost importance to Casa de la Luz. We have implemented a robust infection prevention and control plan, which is updated regularly to correspond with the latest recommendations from both the CDC and CMS. We’re also monitoring the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in our community and revising procedures as necessary to comply with state and local public health policies.

The current status of our services appear below. Although operations have changed slightly in some areas, Casa de la Luz remains unwavering in our commitment to providing superior end-of-life care.

Call 520.544.9890 or contact us if you have questions or need additional information.

• 24-hour support line (520.544.9890) continues to offer around the clock assistance, including assessment of and response to after-hour patient needs.

• Our capacity to provide hospice evaluations and admissions is unchanged. The referral and intake office remain available to answer questions and facilitate assessments with an RN, including virtual evaluations for individuals in isolation.

• In-home visits from our interdisciplinary team are now available. Casa staff is vigilant in our infection prevention practices – which includes appropriate use of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as face masks and face shield/goggles for all patient visits – and we’re confident in our ability to safely provide you in-person care. If necessary we can arrange for telehealth visits. 

•  In the interest of safety, during in-home visits we are limiting staff interactions with loved ones to one (1) designated person. We’re also requiring the patient’s representative to wear a face covering (which we can supply if needed) and request that appropriate social distancing be observed. See all of our home visit guidelines here.

• Our inpatient unit (Casa Hospice at The Hacienda) remains fully staffed and continues to provide general inpatient level of care. Respite placement is reserved only for emergent issues. Visitation policies, including limiting the number of guests and requiring face coverings (which we can supply if needed) have been established to enable patients and families to stay connected while also ensuring a safe environment. See all of our inpatient unit visitation guidelines here

• Bereavement professionals are available for one-on-one counseling by phone. Support groups and workshops are now available online – for more information please visit our events page or contact the Bereavement Department at 520.544.9890.

• We’ve reduced staff at our Administrative Office and all community meetings are cancelled.

Casa de la Luz has been a trusted community partner for more than 20 years. And we remain committed to being a “house of light”, providing comfort and support to our Southern Arizona community.

Call 520.544.9890 or contact us with questions.

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