Nursing Visit on Sunday Afternoon

| By Jodi Horton

This poem was written by our nurse and certified music practitioner, RuthiE Neilan. Thanks to RuthiE for sharing!

“How’s it going”? I ask

You smile, give me “Thumbs up”

I witness much love for you

In this room of laughter and

TV distraction

You are cold and pale

With labored breath

Your heart pounds

Strong and rapid as

The clan envelopes you


What do you need/want?

You smile, show them

“Thumbs up”

“I’m glad we met”, I say

(Your beautiful smile makes my day)

I invite you to relax into the

Love of those around you

Depart, when you are ready

Again you smile, look into my eyes

And give me “Thumbs up”

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