| By Jodi Horton

Invited to sit on the edge of the bed,

I perch myself on the edge of the end of a life

and I listen with my heart to the pounding rhythms

of two lives separated only by age and their positions

one reclined and one upright

both still strong and proud and determined

their love in perfect sync

their hands entwined in a loving embrace

their names the same.


“What do you most admire about your namesake?,”

is the question that releases the holding on and

moist words fall to satiate parched emotions.

“Strength and Love” she says, through tears.


This moment is the only one now. It lingers, hangs about,

transforming the stale air to a more recognizable, lighter, perfumed fragrance.

Everyone in the room notices.


And from where I sit; on the edge of the bed

I am once again witness to the fearless and immense loving the human spirit gives

to those who will leave us.

By Laura Aylmer, LCSW

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