Links We Like: September 12, 2014

| By Jodi Horton

A new issue of our monthly e-newsletter for family caregivers came out this week. This is a great resource for individuals who are taking care of a seriously ill family member or other loved one. Read more: Living with Serious Illness

On a different note, our bereavement coordinator found this wonderful TEDx talk, and we wanted to share it with those individuals who might be on their own grief journey. The video’s about 20 minutes long, but we hope you find it helpful. Watch: The Adventure of Grief

And for those of you interested in the political advocacy side of hospice, here’s a Forbes piece about some new legislation coming out of the House of Representatives. We believe each person’s health is important and deserving of quality care, and we support increased oversight of hospices. Read more: Hospice oversight may come from rare bipartisan health bill

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