Links We Like: October 9, 2015

| By Jodi Horton

Our two news articles for you this week are about advance healthcare planning and talking about end-of-life issues.

The first is actually a piece from one of our chaplains. She’s a rabbinic chaplain, and we love her call to action at the end of her article. Find your courage and commitment today to talking about end-of-life issues with your family. Read more: Talking about the end of life takes courage, commitment

The other article was written by a woman who is facing the end of life, and how important end-of-life discussions were to her treatment decisions. “And while this metastatic cancer will one day kill me, the advanced-care planning conversations I have had with my health-care team have been lifesaving since my diagnosis.” Read more: A nurse with fatal breast cancer says end-of-life discussions saved her life

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