Links We Like: October 18, 2013

| By Meredith Ford

This was a really powerful column written by the president and CEO of Suncoast Hospice. Rafael Sciullo shares the experience of caregiving for his mother and then placing her under the care of hospice at the end of her life. This was an enjoyable read because of Sciullo’s personal connection and professional experience. Read more: A mother teaches her hospice CEO son how to die

This is a great post for caregivers who routinely accompany elderly loved ones to the doctor. Going beyond tips of what to bring to an appointment, the post shares advice for how to handle the sometimes complicated relationships of doctor-patient-caregiver. Read more: Who’s in charge at the doctor’s visit?

This was an interesting article to help you focus on the positives of family caregiving. It can be stressful, but also rewarding. A new study has even found some caregivers lived longer than non-caregivers. Read more: Family caregiving can be stressful, rewarding, and life-affirming

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