Links We Like: November 15, 2013

| By Meredith Ford

Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away, and you’re probably already planning a big family holiday gathering. Getting all of the family together for a big meal is fun, and it’s also a great time to have a serious planning conversation. The Home for the Holidays project hopes to encourage families to spend some time this holiday season talking about preferences for the end of life. Learn more: Project helps with end-of-life ‘conversations’

If you’re dealing with a serious illness, it can be confusing and overhwelming and emotional. But that doesn’t mean your care should be anything less than great for you. Here’s a wonderful list to help guide you on that journey of care. Read more: 7 tips for receiving better cancer care near the end of life

We like sharing stories with you, and believe in the power of individuals sharing their caregiving and end-of-life and grief stories. This was a wonderful story about how powerful the end-of-life experience can be family members. Read more: The Gift at an Ending

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