Links We Like: May 8, 2015

| By Jodi Horton

We picked two articles to share with you this week that we think are just phenomenal.

The first article is a short editorial piece written by a hospice nurse, and her words perfectly exemplify how meaningful the profession is for so many individuals. You will often hear hospice nurses talk about being called to hospice work, and about the privilege of helping patients and families during this sensitive time of life. Read more: On being a hospice nurse

The second article we’re sharing is a much longer piece that offers a beautiful, inside look at the care patients receive from hospice. The Tampa Bay Times followed three Suncoast Hospice patients and their care team for six months, and the end result is an amazingly beautiful story about terminally ill individuals finding ways to enjoy the last days of their life with the help of hospice. Read more: The Space Between Life and Death

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