Links We Like: May 30, 2014

| By Jodi Horton

We’ve got a mix of articles for you this week, but all of them are good. Happy Friday!

This article from CBS News shares what we already know–doctors want less aggressive treatment at the end of their lives, but continue to prescribe aggressive treatments for their patients. As patients, we need to be clear about our wishes, and as healthcare providers, we need to make sure we’re hearing what our patients want. Read more: What doctors, patients want at end of life

AARP’s Caregiving Resource Center has a wealth of information, and this week we picked out this list of tips for caregivers to increase their energy. While you might not be able to apply all of the tips to practice, hopefully even just remembering a couple of them will give you the boost you need. Read more: Energy Boosters for Sleepy Caregivers

A picture says a thousand words, and these pictures are no exception. We can write a lot of words about end of life (and we do, sometimes), but looking at a photo of a person in the midst of their final months is pretty powerful stuff. See more: Heartbreaking Photo Project Captures Everyday Heroes in Their Last Moments of Life

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