Links We Like: May 23, 2014

| By Jodi Horton

Moving away from last week’s heartstrings, this week’s articles are a little more rational and less emotional.

The first is a drum we’re going to keep beating because only 30% of people in this country have advance directives. Planning in advance for serious illness, an accident, and death helps your family take care of you if that need arises. It’s just about being prepared. Read more: Lifting from others the burden of your own death

The second keeps us on the same topic of advance care planning and discusses a new initiative in the Los Angeles area. Healthcare providers have teamed up to provide guidelines designed to help patients in making end-of-life care decisions. “The hospitals will urge their doctors and nurses to help patients specify their hopes for the end of life through advance-care planning, and understand how to seek palliative care if a patient wants it.” Read more: L.A.-area healthcare providers to issue guidelines for end-of-life care

Finally, the last article was a great piece about helping doctors know when to stop treatment. While we all want our doctors to treat our illnesses, it is also just as valuable to have a physician who recognizes when it’s better to stop. Read more: Teaching doctors when to stop treatment

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