Links We Like: May 16, 2014

| By Jodi Horton

We’re tugging at your heartstrings today with these three links. You might want some tissues nearby.

The Modern Love column in the New York Times tells a story every week about love–spousal, unrequited, parental, sibling. It can be about love found, love lost, love reunited. Last week, it was about how love endures, even after years of marriage and moves, brain tumors and the resulting decline in health and cognitive ability. Read more: Promises that can bend without breaking

And in more stories about love, this one about a longtime hospice nurse was compelling, beautiful, and sad. Hospice nursing is not easy, but it is a calling. It can be tough on people, though, and to stay with it, you look for ways to heal yourself. This hospice nurse had his wife to lean on, until one day when he didn’t. Read more: For hospice nurse, wife’s death was one too many

And finally, while this one won’t make you cry in the same way the first two might have, this one will (hopefully) lead you to be a little more thoughtful in your daily goings-on. When you work in hospice care, you can’t help but think about what’s most important in your life and how you want to live your life. So, here are some life lessons from hospice. Read more: 7 life lessons from hospice workers

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