Links We Like: March 14, 2014

| By Meredith Ford

We must have caregiving on the brain this week since it’s the theme of the three articles we’re sharing this week.

This USAToday article points out how important it is for caregivers to care for themselves. A caregiver’s health influences his or her caregiving ability. Read more: Caregivers: Care for others–but don’t forget about you

If you’re a healthcare professional and haven’t started reading yet, we recommend adding it to your blog roll. It’s a potpourri of health and medicine-related articles written by active healthcare professionals. The articles are often easy and quick reads with a variety of anecdotal stories. This week there was a great piece about the perspective of a long-distance caregiver. Stories such as these are important to understanding that the caregiving journey is unique. Read more: Family caregiving is hard and imperfect

And finally, for a bit of inspiration, we enjoyed reading about how this high school class is learning about life and death, compassion and caregiving. The article’s about a documentary showing at South by Southwest Film Festival, and we hope the documentary finds a way to air nationally. Could we be looking at new ways of talking and teaching about aging, caregiving, illness, and dying? Read more: SXSW 2014 Review: Beginning With The End

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