Links We Like: June 26, 2015

| By Jodi Horton

We chose two articles to share with you this week that we think represent how innovative ideas can positively impact and change caregiving, aging, and dying in our country.

The first is an idea of how to provide support to Alzheimer’s caregivers and shows how important social support can be for these individuals. Read more: Counseling has benefits for Alzheimer’s caregivers

This second article is about an idea that sounds very much like our own Kanmar Place. Staying home is not always an option for a hospice patient. We believe providing a peaceful atmosphere that feels like home and understands individuals’ end-of-life needs enhances end-of-life services and can improve quality of life for terminally ill patients. Read more: Social model hospice homes may revolutionize end-of-life care in the U.S.

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