Links We Like: June 13, 2014

| By Jodi Horton

A mishmash of links for you this week.

Caregiving goes on for years, and when the caregiving journey nears the end, it can be difficult to know how to switch gears. This article from the discusses the difficulties of caring for someone and being unsure how to address end-of-life issues. Read more: Caregivers learning to let go at the end

We thought this was a beautiful story about this hospice’s nurse approach to her own death. We all have our own way of facing the end-of-life, and it is so powerful to read and see in-depth perspectives such as this. Read more: Life’s journey: A Better End / A hospice nurse’s frank approach to end of life

This last link is for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on Friday. Elder abuse is a major social issue, and so many elders are unable to advocate for themselves. They need the support of others to help and protect them. Learn more: World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

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