Links We Like: July 8, 2016

| By Meredith Ford

We wanted to share two articles with you today about healthcare professionals.

This article is about geriatricians, and more specifically, the lack of geriatricians. There’s a shortage of young doctors training to be geriatricians. A number of geriatrics fellowships go unfilled because of the lack of interest in this area. We think this is an definitely an issue for our aging population, and we think you should know about it. Read more: Few Young Doctors Are Training To Care For U.S. Elderly

One of our hospice nurses recommended this article to us, and it’s a wonderful, close-up look at hospice nursing. We are so grateful to our nurses for the work they do every day, and the heart and compassion they offer our patients. Read more: A Tender Hand In The Presence Of Death

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