Links We Like-July 5

| By Jodi Horton

Finding the right caregiving help for your loved one can be a challenge. The Family Caregiver Alliance offers a useful Navigator map to help you locate resources in the state where your loved one resides. This can be very helpful to long-distance caregivers who do not live in the same city as their elderly parents and are unfamiliar with the local resources there.

Caring for a loved one is a tough job in a lot of ways, including financially. This article from U.S. News offers 10 finanical tips in caring for a seriously ill loved one. It’s a great way to understand and prepare for the challenges that might come along in your caregiving journey.

In keeping with the previous link, we located a great financial worksheet from NHPCO’s Caring Connections. The financial inventory worksheet is a great tool for organizing information for multiple accounts, such as checking and savings accounts, retirement accounts, loans, and  more. It’s a good idea to fill one out for your personal finances and update on a regular basis, as well as sit down with any elderly loved one and fill it out so there are no questions later.


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