Links We Like – July 12

| By Meredith Ford

As a caregiver it’s easy to lose yourself in the act of caregiving, and then find yourself at the brink of exhaustion. Amy Goyer is the resident caregiving expert over at AARP, and she wrote a great list of tips to help caregivers figure out how to take a vacation from caregiving. Read: 5 Tips for Caregivers: Take A Break!

Speaking of things caregivers need, Sherri Snelling recently had a piece on The Huffington Post about a caregiver bill of rights. Caregivers are gaining more attention nationally and politically, and a caregiver bill of rights seems like a great thing to include in the discussion. Read: Let the Caregiving Movement Begin with the Caregiver Bill of Rights

It’s always touching to read the stories of family members caring for a loved one with a difficult, long-term illness. To share the private difficulties of chronic illness, of caregiving, of slowly losing a loved one is surely not an easy task. However, it is so helpful to others in increasing understanding of illness, aging, and caregiving. Read: In Grandmother’s Alzheimer’s, Another Lesson in Family

Casa de la Luz is so proud to have nearly 200 employees and more than 100 volunteers committed to supporting individuals and families in hospice care and grief support. Each Casa individual came to do hospice work for their own personal reason, but we are sure of their heart for our mission in superior care. This isn’t the story of one of our nurses, but a good one, anyway. Read: Approaching Death

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