Links We Like: January 9, 2015

| By Jodi Horton

This first link we’re sharing because we are completely on board with this idea for 2015. We need to keep having and building this conversation about how we approach death in our country because that’s the only way we can change the experience, for the dying and for the loved ones who sit alongside them and care for them. Read more: We need to rethink dying

Speaking of conversations and dying, here’s a great article about how to engage in a discussion with your parents about end-of-life decisions. If part of your hesitation stems from not knowing where or how to start, this op-ed might be useful to you. Read more: Opinion: A final gift: Talking about end-of-life issues with aging parents

And finally, we thought this was a wonderful blog post of book recommendations for people who are grieving. If you’re struggling with grief, or know someone who is, maybe one of the books listed can offer some comfort. Read more: Books for the Broken-Hearted

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