Links We Like: January 16, 2015

| By Jodi Horton

We really enjoyed this somewhat lengthy article from Sarah Kliff of Vox Media for clearly discussing how the aging and the ill are dying in this country, and the struggle for us to discuss what dying means to us. These conversations are so important for what they can give us: an end of life that’s meaningful and right for each individual. “But these conversations could be the starting point for a health-care system that care just as well for patients who will heal as well as those who will not.” Read more: How Americans’ refusal to talk about death hurts the elderly

In an article of a slightly different tone, caregivers have plenty of tools at their disposal today to help keep track of caregiving tasks, responsibilities, and healthcare details. Here’s how technology tools can assist in caregiving responsibilities. Read more: How emerging technologies can help with care for ill or frail family members

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