Links We Like: February 28, 2014

| By Jodi Horton

Did you catch Seth Rogen’s opening statement for a Senate Appropriations committee? He shared his family’s personal struggle with Alzheimer’s disease and urged legislators to provide support to fight the disease. Not only were we impressed with his statement, but we’re excited to see a public personality stand up and share their story. Watch: Seth Rogen’s Opening Statement

Speaking of Alzheimer’s, there was a good piece from the New York Times’ Well blog about Alzheimer’s caregivers. You really have to take your hats off to family caregivers for their daily care of loved ones and the sacrifices they make to provide that care. It’s not an easy job, but family caregivers around the world are doing it every day. Read more: Caring for the Alzheimer’s Caregiver

Speaking of family caregivers and the Senate, AARP released their advocacy agenda for 2014. If you believe in fighting for your rights as a family caregiver and/or as an aging adult, check out what AARP will focus on legislatively. Read more: AARP Announces 2014 Advocacy Agenda: Across the States

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