Links We Like: February 20, 2015

| By Jodi Horton

Some weeks we only get a couple links for you, and some weeks, we’re overflowing with links. I’m happy to report that this week we read plenty of amazing articles out there on the Web about end-of-life care. Here are just a few of them, and we recommend following us on Facebook for more hospice and caregiving news.

We enjoyed this op-ed in the Los Angeles Times a week ago for its patient and family perspective. It’s important to realize how much patients and their family members rely on doctors and healthcare professionals to be upfront and honest about care, treatment, and prognosis. “Eventually, doctors spouted euphemisms that even I, a former medical reporter, couldn’t decipher.” Read more: The two words most doctors avoid saying: You’re dying

Sometimes, the right education can make a big difference in healthcare decision making. We were interested in this article about how a three-minute video about the effectiveness of CPR and intubation for a seriously ill individual managed to change individuals’ preferences for these interventions. Though the study’s not perfect, the implications of how it could change health-related decisions at the end of life are significant. Read more: A Short Video Can Make a Big End-of-Life Difference

Finally, the last article we wanted to share is actually about palliative care. Not hospice care, palliative care can provide ill individuals with extra support as they go through treatment and try to make decisions regarding care. A palliative care team helps patients by focusing on the individual’s quality of life and well-being. Learn more about the difference palliative care can make by reading this article from Harvard Magazine: An Extra Layer of Care

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