Links We Like: February 14, 2014

| By Jodi Horton

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s to all the caregivers out there who show love every day through their caregiving.

We stumbled across this little tidbit in the Herald-Tribune about how posture can influence caregiving and health. It’s a great read, and a take we haven’t seen in most news articles. Read more: The power of posture in caregiving

The role of caregiver can come on suddenly, after a parent has a major health incident, or it could be a gradual increase from a couple hours of help figuring out some finances to more than 20 hours a week of housekeeping, managing doctors’ appointments, and assisting with daily living tasks. At some point, before you dive deep into caregiving, Eva Zatrak writes, you should ask yourself ten questions. Read more: Ten Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming Your Parent’s Caregiver

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