Links We Like: February 13, 2015

| By Jodi Horton

Happy Friday the 13!

We’ve got three links for you this week. We’ll start with what we were most excited about, a Frontline documentary about Dr. Atul Gawande’s book, Being Mortal. We loved reading the book, and it was nice to see it brought to life in a visual medium. PBS and Frontline gave it televised and digital attention, and we are glad to see the end-of-life care discussion taking off in this way. Read more: Being Mortal

Next on our reading list is going to have to be The Conversation by Dr. Angelo Volandes, who is also addressing how we need to discuss end-of-life care. What we enjoyed most about this article is his very relatable analogy of healthcare and Starbucks. It’s easy to get what you want at a Starbucks, and easy to stop consuming when you don’t receive the right order, but why is it so hard to order what you want in healthcare? Read more: Why Isn’t Health Care More Like Starbucks?

The last article we chose for this week was about family caregiving. We know the stress of trying to work, care for an aging parent, and care for a family can be a lot to juggle, and we think it’s important to talk about these issues. Sharing your challenges in caregiving can help ease tension and anxiety, and hopefully some creative solutions can be found when caregivers are talking to one another about the difficulties in balancing multiple responsibilities. Read more: Caregiving’s heavy toll

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