Links We Like: August 23, 2013

| By Jodi Horton

There was an interesting article in the Arizona Republic about family members thrust into a family caregiving role are now seeking professional training. According to those in the article, the benefits include learning how to do certain caregiving tasks and being able to recognize common disease symptoms. However, it also cautions individuals who may not be prepared for the emotional toll of caregiving. Read now: Family members take medical training to be home caregivers

Casa de la Luz actively participates in social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, and we believe the positives of these sites outweigh the negatives. We find it encouraging that individuals are willing to share their grief, to openly discuss death and dying, to give others a glimpse at the very difficult end-of-life journey. We help each other learn when we share. Read now: How Social Media Is Changing The Way We Approach Death

Some articles don’t have to teach you anything, or inform you about what’s on the cutting edge of science. Some articles just remind you that life is precious, that love matters, and that people need each other. Read now: August 15 (a Message on Love)

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