Links We Like: August 2

| By Jodi Horton

There’s a misconception that when you start on hospice, life ends right then and there, in a figurative sense. But there are so many ways to embrace our lives. Inevitably, an individual is unable to do some things, but some things can be enjoyed to our very last days. Here’s a great story from The Atlantic about embracing life until life’s end. Read now: Helping Make the Best of the End of Life

NPR’s Scott Simon spent a couple weeks tweeting his mother’s last days in the hospital. We found his words beautiful, about holding his mother’s hand and singing songs from musicals with her. We admire Simon’s openness and willingness to share his experience; we hope it alleviates the fear of being with the dying that our society has. Read now: NPR host Scott Simon tweets his mother’s dying days

Caregiving is hard. Caregiving and being criticized for your caregiving is extra hard. This was a great article about how family caregivers can handle criticism. Read now: Modern Aging: Handling criticism


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