Links We Like: August 16, 2013

| By Jodi Horton

This article discusses the common tipping points that can turn someone into a caregiver. It covers issues such as physical and safety challenges and falls, and discusses approaches for managing these situations. Read now: The Tipping Points That Turn Us Into Caregivers

We met this lovely reporter a couple years ago, and are happy to share with you her powerful master’s thesis project about caregivers of individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Her stories of the caregivers she met with are sad, but also inspiring. Read now: Adapting to Alzheimer’s

Speaking of Alzheimer’s, this is a wonderful in-depth article with a blogger who is writing and publicly sharing his experience with the disease. David Hilifiker was diagnosed with the disease in September 2012, and soon after, he launched his blog. Today, he writes entries for the blog with the help of a friend who serves as his editor. Read now: Approaching Darkness: One Man Blogs His Descent into Alzheimer’s

This next link is a video, less than 5 minutes long, featuring tips from real caregivers. The video discusses the importance of finding time to relax and how to manage caregiving stress. Watch now: Family Caregiver Stress Relief

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