Links We Like: April 24, 2015

| By Meredith Ford

We try to stay on top of new ideas for talking about end-of-life wishes because we think it’s an important issue, and we know that multiple ideas for such a personal issue are good. What works for one may not work for another, and giving people various ways to tackle this sensitive topic is helpful. Read more: We need a role reversal in the conversation on dying

We enjoyed this article about Hospice of Cincinnati’s campaign #thingsyoushouldn’twaittosay. We love the idea and sentiment behind the hashtag, and the simple reminder that every day counts. Read more: Anderson residents asking, ‘Who’s that man?’

The last article we want to share is about grief in the digital age. Since social media has become so deeply embedded in the lives of most individuals, it’s not surprising that grief would make its way online. We appreciated this perspective of how an online outlet helped someone grieve, remember, and move forward. Read more: How social media helped me mourn when my friend died 


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