Links We Like: April 18, 2014

| By Meredith Ford

There’s a very human, personal perspective to every story that’s told about terminal illness, incurable diseases, death and dying. We found two stories this week about those issues that tugged our heartstrings.

The first article was in the Washington Post and tells a story about a family dealing with a dementia diagnosis. What’s interesting about this article is how it emphasizes how this type of diagnosis affects more than just the patient; serious illness affects family caregivers too. “But in that moment, being on the inside, it became clear that treatment for the patient with dementia is just one facet of good care. Dementia also takes a toll on the family caregivers.” Read more: I’d seen dementia’s toll on my patients. Now I was watching the disease unravel my family.

The other article was about dealing with a parent with Parkinson’s. It was for the New York Times’ Private Lives column, and is a beautiful story about family caregiving and individual strength. Diseases may take away certain abilities, but hopefully, you can still find a person’s heart and strength in the midst of decline. Read more: My Father’s Strength

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