Links We Like: April 15, 2016

| By Jodi Horton

In light of the fact that tomorrow is National Healthcare Decisions Day, we’re obviously going to share a couple links that encourage thinking about what you want at end of life and how individuals should reflect on life experiences, both our own and those of others.

The first is written by a physician for the NY Times Well blog, and we thought it nicely highlighted how patients need to be treated as whole beings, not just diagnoses and illnesses. Read more: Letting Patients Tell Their Stories

When you think about end-of-life planning, do you imagine that your doctor should be part of that conversation? Probably, since we’re talking about our health and healthcare treatments. But the truth is, doctors don’t know everything, and they might be unsure how to address the topic. Don’t be afraid to ask or start the conversation, though. We can only learn by opening a dialogue. Read more: Most Doctors Unsure How to Discuss End-of-Life Care, Survey Says

And finally, if you’re ready to start the conversation with a loved one about what their end-of-life plans are, here’s a simple guide from Real Simple with the questions you need to ask to open the discussion. Read more: How to Talk to Your Parents About End-of-Life Issues

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