Links We Like: April 11, 2014

| By Jodi Horton

We’ve got a nice potpourri of articles for you in this week’s Links We Like. Hope you’ve had a great week and enjoy!

This might be called “stating the obvious,” but sometimes it needs to be done. Caregivers are under a lot of pressure, and they could use a lot more support than they’ve got. Read more: Caregivers need greater support, Harvard study says

It’s always so encouraging to see a nationally printed piece from a physician writing about how we’re not dealing with death. It’s even better when the physician offers a potential solution. I hope it means eventually we’ll see change in the way medicine approaches death. Read more: A ‘Code Death’ for Dying Patients

And finally, your feel-good story of the week. This man’s love and support for his wife as she battles cancer is beautiful and funny and so unique. See more: This Guy Traveled The Country In A Pink Tutu Just To Make His Wife Laugh During Chemo

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