Links I Like: July 1, 2016

| By Meredith Ford

The first link is a great blog post by Rory Feek about his experience last week in DC for an event hosted by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. He was able to speak about his and his late wife’s experience with hospice on Capitol Hill to congressional representatives. We’re so glad to see his support of hospice care. Read more: Strong Foundations

Rory Feek and his wife, Joey, captivated much of the news during the last months of Joey’s life because of the way they embraced life, despite her dying. This article from the NY Times’ Well blog explores how a few famous dying physicians have done the same thing, and what an example they can set for the rest of us. The most wonderful realization about working with the dying is recognizing that dying is not at all about dying; it’s about living life fully, being in the present moment, and finding joy. Read more: At the End of Life, What Would Doctors Do?

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