Join the Casa de la Luz Volunteer Knitting Group

| By Jodi Horton

One day a friend mentioned that I should take up knitting, that it would ease my stress.  (How much stress could I have had?  I was only 20 years old.)  I have knitted ever since taking the friend’s advice. I am addicted! I love the feel of new yarn and always have more yarn than I need.

I joined the Casa knitting group immediately after graduation from volunteer training six years ago.  It is so much fun AND relaxing to sit in with a group of knitters, knitting prayer shawls or lap blankets for the Casa patients. We meet once a month for lunch and a couple of hours of knitting, usually on a Wednesday. I cannot tell you how much reward you will receive making a shawl or lap blanket for a patient. The patients are appreciative and so happy to be remembered.

One does not need to know how to knit or crochet. Our knitting group can and will teach you.  Men are invited to join, although we do not have any male members at this time. We invite anyone willing to give a few hours once a month to benefit our patients and have some fun at the same time. We welcome new members! Remember, Rosey Grier took up needlepoint to relax, and he’s still doing it!

I receive so much enjoyment from my knitting and knitting for hospice. The first year I was a volunteer I knit two afghans; one was made of 20-inch squares. There are 20 squares sewn together. Each square was knit a different pattern, and I let my patients at the time pick out the patterns for the squares. The middle square was the Tree of Life.  It is very beautiful and meaningful to me, helping me remember the individuals I have helped at the end of their lives.  I have kept the afghan for myself because of my memories. The other afghan I knit for a special patient, an old man I visited for 17 months several times a week. We became close, and I have never forgotten him. He was a sweet, dear man. I still miss him at times; we had such good visits.

I want more volunteers to experience my enjoyment. The patients will thank you for it, and the experience is a gift for the volunteer.

Submitted by Diane Gilbert, Casa de la Luz Hospice Volunteer

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