Hospice Is Your Choice

| By Jodi Horton

Many misconceptions exist about hospice care, and part of our role as a hospice provider is to educate the public about the services and support hospice can offer patients and families who are dealing with a terminal illness. Occasionally, we’ll post blog entries about some of the hospice myths so that you can make an informed decision about yours, or a loved one’s, end-of-life care.

Myth: You are required to use the hospice that your healthcare provider referred to you.

We encourage individuals to exercise their power of choice. If your healthcare provider only gave you the name of one hospice organization, ask your provider for the names of other area hospice agencies or research other hospices in your area.

Double-check and be sure your hospice of choice works with your insurance. When you’re letting individuals care for you, or your loved one, in your home, you should feel complete trust in and comfort with your hospice care team.

If you discover that the hospice is not fulfilling your needs as a patient, you have the right to transfer to another hospice. Additionally, if you decide you want to pursue treatment instead of comfort care, you can also decide to end hospice services.

As a patient, it is important to remember that you have a choice.

If you or someone you know needs more information about hospice services in the Pima County or southern Pinal County area, contact Casa de la Luz Hospice at (520) 544-9890.

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