Hope Through The Holidays Workshop

| By Jodi Horton

The holidays are fast approaching. Finding hope and peace, connection and meaning; deciding whether to build new traditions or retain some or all of the old ones; letting go of all the “shoulds” in our thinking and decision making; or simply navigating through these holidays without our loved ones beside us can feel overwhelming and challenging. We may feel envious and impatient with others who are celebrating, sad and vulnerable, even forgotten at a time when “joy,” “togetherness,” and “family and friends” seem to be the words of the season. How do we cope, move forward and find hope during this time?

Casa de La Luz Hospice would like to offer you continued support during this time along with, perhaps, a few coping strategies to get you through. We welcome and invite you to join us for a Hope Through the Holidays Workshop on Thursday, November 20, 2014, from 2:00-3:30 p.m. At the workshop, you will experience meditation, hear an inspirational holiday talk, be invited into a discussion of coping tools and strategies, and participate in a ritual that offers a way to continue to honor your loved ones. Your hosts for the event will be Carol S. Miller, Bereavement Coordinator; Marianne Schloss, Community Education Coordinator; Bonnie Knobloch, Bereavement Counselor; Christy Noriega, Social Worker; and RuthiE Neilan, Native American Flute Player. Registration is required for this event and seating is limited, so please contact Sally or Carol at 520-544-9890 to sign up and come:









Eliminate some holiday stress!

By Carol S. Miller, LCSW, Casa de la Luz Hospice Bereavement Coordinator

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