Handmade Crafts Comfort Patients & Volunteers

| By Jodi Horton

Written by Peggy Valley, Casa de la Luz Hospice Volunteer

Blankets made with loving care by Casa de la Luz volunteers.

Blankets made with loving care by Casa de la Luz volunteers.

The Casa de la Luz “Helping Hands Knitting & Crochet” group has been a blessing to me these past six years.  What I most love about our amazing patients is they provide much more for me than I am able to give them.  I have learned to share not only their journey, but their courage and trust throughout the decline we refer to as end of life.  My life has been enriched by listening to the life experiences of my patients and by being able to sit alongside a “new friend” as I knit.

Knitting while visiting with patients is an amazing way of bonding due to the calming effect  of needles working in tandem.  In moments of quiet, peace and tranquility are provided in a comfortable setting.   Many of my visits do not require conversation – I find patients enjoy watching and know that conversation is an option.  Nothing pleases me more than the nod of a head, a wink or smile as I provide an atmosophere of hominess.

The blessing I receive is that each and every item made will provide care and comfort to one of our patients.  They will never know the individual who spent time for them working on a prayer shawl or lap blanket, but they will know this is an effort made with love.  When we meet as a group, prayers are said for our work and for the person who will ultimately be the recipient.

I will always be grateful for Casa’s support and acceptance of this one little thing I am able to offer.

Learn more about the Casa de la Luz Hospice volunteer program by visiting our Volunteer page or call (520) 544-9890.

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