From the Skies to the Rodeo Grounds

| By Stacy Alameda


Inspired by all of the rodeo activities, we seized the opportunity to celebrate our patient LaNaeh Petersen – a woman who wore many hats, including a Stetson.

LaNaeh’s daughter Stacey Harris, raised by “the smartest person I know”, remembers her childhood fondly. A single mother, LaNaeh taught Stacey by example how to be fearless, never stop exploring and always lend a helping hand.

As a female private pilot and a member of the Ninety-Nines, an International Organization of Women Pilots, LaNaeh sought adventure 38,000 feet in the sky. According to her daughter, she participated in activities that ranged from the Powder Puff Derby to maintaining air fields at small airports throughout the U.S.

When LaNaeh wasn’t flying she worked full-time at AiResearch, a manufacturer of turboprop engines and turbo chargers now known as Honeywell. This is when LaNaeh, the mother and pilot added Rodeo Queen to her list of accomplishments. Although more of a “country-club woman than a cowgirl”, as Stacey notes, LaNaeh served as the face of the AiResearch Rodeo – three years in a row. Opting for moccasins over cowboy boots, a nod to LaNaeh’s childhood spent on the Navajo Reservation, became her signature look.

With the help of Pacifica Senior Living, Casa de la Luz was able to honor LaNaeh’s rodeo history with a fun-filled rodeo extravaganza! This special moment was made possible by Adam, our chaplain, who recognized the important role the rodeo played in LaNaeh’s life.

Cheers to you LaNaeh – Pacifica Rodeo Queen 2020.

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