Friday Five: Links That Inspire

| By Casa de la Luz

The Friday Five is our weekly roundup of links to smart articles and helpful resources across the Web.

1.  They say when you’re in polite company, one of the topics you shouldn’t discuss is money. But even if you don’t talk about it, the issue still exists, and now, it’s put us in a pickle. We spend a significant amount of money on care at the end of life, and it’s not even the kind of care most individuals would choose. Learn a little more with this CNN Money article about “Cutting the high cost of end of life care.”

2. This is a wonderful video about end of life care that was recently on Rock Center with Brian Williams. Have we ever mentioned LaCrosse, Wis. to you? We’ve read about them often because of their amazing advance directive rates. This is a town that knows the value of the conversation, and why individuals should outline their end of life wishes. Watch this video with your loved ones today to spark your own conversation about what you want at the end of your life.

3. We loved this TEDx Tampa Bay video featuring Kathleen Taylor, a mental health counselor with hospice experience. We found her presentation moving, inspiring, and easy to watch. She doesn’t ask you to consider how you want to die, but how you want to live before you die. If you do nothing else, just watch Rethinking the Bucket List.

4. We’re so amazed at how the Internet is able to bring us closer to so many good writers and compelling stories. We discovered Arthur & Bernie a while back through Laura’s AARP guest pieces. This is a great blog as Laura shares stories of Arthur, her elderly friend, and Bernie, her grandfather.

5. Because statistics show that family caregivers tend to be women, then a lot of articles tend to be geared toward female caregivers. That doesn’t mean there aren’t male caregivers though, and sometimes they have a different perspective on caregiving. So for all the male caregivers, this link’s for you, “What’s a guy to do? Four suggestions for better caregiving.”

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