Friday Five: Caregiving and Dementia

| By Anchorwave

The Friday Five is our weekly roundup of links to smart articles and helpful resources across the Web. This week, we focus on the family caregiver and dementia.

1. “The Gift of Caregiving” was a lovely contribution to the Huffington Post this week from a former family caregiver. Robin Amos Kahn shared her experience caring for her ill mother, and the lessons she took away from her years of caregiving. And, we were so pleased to read about the support she received from hospice. Hospice care should support the patient and the family and/or loved ones.

2. This was a great article from Homewatch Caregivers about “Handling Symptoms: Focus.” We appreciated the way it read like a what to expect from dementia for caregivers, and offered some helpful suggestions from an expert with the national Alzheimer’s Association.

3. This article, “Aware that I’m unaware” in the Wausau Herald was more uplifting than sad. Even as her mind fails her, Julie Krueger continues to battle along, adapting to life with dementia. And, we were so pleased to read about the way she took control of her situation by making her end of life arrangements.

4. Personal blogs can be such honest, heartrending accounts of an individual’s struggles, triumphs, and memories. “3 Years and 13 Dumpsters: Cleaning House After Dementia” is written by an adult daughter caring for her father with dementia. She’s been blogging since 2009, and I’m sure many family caregivers out there will relate to Joy Walker’s story.

5. And finally, a joint resource from the Alzheimer’s Association and Lotsa Helping Hands. This “Care Team Calendar” is a great way to manage care needs among multiple caregivers. For primary family caregivers, don’t be afraid to take others up on their offers of help. Input your needs and let your friends sign up for specific tasks. It’s okay to lean on the shoulders of others every now and then.

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