Five Wishes Can Guide End-of-Life Care Conversations

| By Meredith Ford

We are so encouraged by the recent news that Medicare may actually begin paying physicians to have conversations with patients about their end-of-life care wishes. (In case you missed the news, you can catch up by reading this article.)hAVE YOU HAD THE CONVERSATION YET_

Having conversations about end-of-life options and wishes early and annually give families and loved ones the knowledge they need to make decisions at critical times. Without these conversations and an advance directive, family members are often left saying “I don’t know” and having to make their best guess.

Casa de la Luz Foundation provides free copies of the Five Wishes, an advance directive document that’s recognized in 42 states. It’s written in easy -to-understand language, and can help open families to conversations about treatment options at end-of-life and how a family member wants to be remembered and honored in death.

Here’s what the five wishes are:

  1. Identifying your healthcare power of attorney—the person who will make your healthcare decisions if you are unable to make speak for yourself
  2. Identifying the kinds of medical treatments you want or don’t want
  3. Clarifying how comfortable you want to be at end-of-life
  4. Describing how you want people to treat you at end-of-life
  5. Telling loved ones things you want them to know

Start the conversation with your family today. Let them know you don’t want them to feel uncertain if you need them to speak for you.

Click here to request your free copy of the Five Wishes from the Casa de la Luz Foundation.

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