Five Ways to Relieve Caregiving Stress

| By Meredith Ford

Physical activity

It’s probably a bit of a tired tip, but it’s true. Physical activity relieves stress by reducing stress hormones in the body. There’s no need to create a complicated workout routine. A regular walk will do, or just some simple exercises in your living room or bedroom. If you’re at a loss for a simple routine, the Internet is overflowing with suggestions, or you could pick up a couple workout DVDs.


Meditation is a good way to re-center one’s mental state and find a place of relief. Experts suggest that meditation can relieve stress and anxiety, and bring feelings of calm to your overall life. Try starting or ending your day with just a couple minutes of meditation time. Plenty of articles are out there about how to start a meditation practice, but we like these simple instructions from ZenHabits.


One of our popular complementary alternative therapy offerings is music therapy. Casa’s certified music practitioners can attest to how powerful music can be in calming an anxious individual. Put together a playlist of your favorite, happy-inducing songs and keep it at the ready for the next time you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious.

Support Group

Though it may sound awkward or uncomfortable or just too time-consuming to attend a support group, it can also be helpful, comforting, and time well-spent. A support group provides you with a group of individuals who are struggling with similar situations and problems, and can provide you with a listening ear that understands as well as potentially helpful practical tips to ease caregiving struggles.


It’s the most obvious tip out of the bunch, but we also know it can be an incredibly hard one to achieve when you’re someone’s primary caregiver. The best advice we have for achieving rest is to make sure you’re resting at the same time the person you’re caring for is resting.

If you know someone who is caring for a seriously ill individual in the Pima County area, and could use the support of hospice care, contact Casa de la Luz at (520) 544-9890. Please note that hospice care is available to individuals with a terminal diagnosis and are expected to live for six months or less.

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