Finding a “Casa-Quality” Nurse

| By Meredith Ford

Within the field of nursing, there are countless career paths a nurse can take.  One of those is that of a hospice nurse.  Hospice nurses are truly unique and special.  It not only takes a great deal of knowledge and skills gained through acute care experience, but a variety of other qualities that can’t always be seen by glancing at a resume. As Casa de la Luz’s recruiter, I’ll share with you some of the special skills and traits that we look for in a hospice nurse. stethoscope

First, we require that our nurses have experience working within an acute care setting.  This prepares them with sharp and keen assessment skills when working with patients who have diverse and, many times, complex medical needs and diagnoses.  Having experience working within an ICU, ER, or Med/Surg setting is preferable and if they have home health or hospice experience, that’s a plus as well.

The other qualities that we look for in our hospice nurses aren’t ones that you would find listed on an applicant’s employment history. However, these traits are crucial in order to provide the superior care our patients and their families need.  Hospice nurses have to be able to meet people where they are in their journey and truly embrace what is important to their patient and their family at the end of life. They need to be compassionate, comforting, and open-minded to meet the needs of their patients and be able to adapt to a variety of different family dynamics and personalities. In order to best serve our patients, our nurses also have to work well with their interdisciplinary team and know when to reach out to the team to provide additional support to a patient or his/her family.  The nurse has to be extremely organized because many of them manage large caseloads and need to prioritize their patients’ visits throughout the week and stay on top of their electronic documentation.  Lastly, they have to see their job as rewarding and gratifying.  If you talk to our nurses, they will all say that they get back so much more than they give and feel honored to have the jobs that they do.

Currently, we are very busy recruiting for different nursing positions, and I definitely look at our existing team of nurses as the “gold standard” when hiring new nurses. They set the bar pretty high and all applicants undergo a thorough screening and interview process.  But, when we do hire that “special” nurse to join our team, it’s exciting to know we found someone that embodies all of the qualities we look for.  We refer to it as “Casa-Quality!”

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Submitted by Maricela Leal, Recruiter

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