Complementary Therapy Options from Casa de la Luz

| By Meredith Ford

Complementary therapies are gentle, non-invasive options to assist patients with pain and stress management. Casa de la Luz provides complementary therapy options for patients and their caregivers through trained volunteers and some professional staff.

Energy Therapies

Casa de la Luz offers the energy therapies of Reiki and Healing Touch when licensed volunteers are available. Energy therapies follow the ancient spiritual tradition of the “laying on of hands” to cleanse, balance, and restore harmony to the human energy field.

In receiving either modality, a person may be fully clothed and seated or lying down. The intention of the practitioner is not necessarily that of physical healing, but rather a healing of spirit, mind, and body. These techniques often bring a sense of deep relaxation and peace.

Massage Therapy

Casa de la Luz employs a licensed massage therapist for the Inpatient Unit and Kanmar Place. Massage therapy can provide great comfort to the physical body, relieving backaches, headaches, general muscle strain, and fatigue. Other therapeutic effects are increased relaxation, sleep promotion, and decreased stress and anxiety.

Therapeutic Music

Music can lift spirits to a place of peace. It can evoke pleasant memories and associations, decrease stress, and promote rest and sleep. Our harpists offer therapeutic music to patients and loved ones at the Inpatient Unit and Kanmar Place. Familiar music can be particularly meaningful to persons with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. It appeals to long-held memories and may be recognized and enjoyed by the individual.

Therapeutic Animal Visits

Pets can bring joy, laughter, and compassion to patients and their caregivers. They are a cure for loneliness and isolation, increasing a patient’s willingness to verbalize and facilitating conversation between human beings. Research shows that simply petting a dog can induce calm, reducing blood pressure and heart rate. Therapeutic animal visitation is provided by Casa volunteers with trained therapy dogs and is a frequent activity at Kanmar Place and the Inpatient Unit. Private pet visits can be arranged at your home on request when volunteers are available.

To learn more about how hospice care can help you and your family, call Casa de la Luz at (520) 544-9890. 

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