| By Stacy Alameda

The theme of this year’s Counseling Awareness Month  is #BURNBRIGHTNOTOUT and serves as a reminder to hardworking counselors to offer themselves the same care and attention they give to others. When you get the self-care you need, you’ll burn brighter, reach higher and last longer – this is true not only for counselors, but for everyone. And it’s a notion that is relevant now more than ever. 

Read on for some stress relieving ideas, both from myself as well as our bereavement professionals here at Casa. And if you have suggestions, share them on our Facebook page. 

  •  Organizing – Find a drawer and fold or organize whatever is in the drawer of choice. The act of making something organized when I am feeling like my thoughts and emotions are not, helps me de-stress. Stacy Alameda, Marketing Coordinator *Please note: I am not a professional counselor.  
  • A Blessings or Gratitude Journal – if you don’t have one already, obtain a blank journal or one that has some daily quotes with spaces to write or something similar.  I’ve used The One-Minute Gratitude Journal. Set aside a regular time each day (e.g., before you go to bed) to spend reflecting on what blessings you experienced that day or what you are finding gratitude for despite challenging circumstances. Carol S. Miller, LMSW – Bereavement Program Manager 
  • Taking a walk or a bike ride. These activities help burn pent up energy. Taking walks or riding a bike helps enhance the body’s energy flow, allows for better sleep, and frees the mind by allowing thoughts to float in and out while concentrating on the activity and absorbing the environment. These activities enhance breathing which allows for less anxiety and a calmer disposition. Christy Noriega, MSW – Bereavement Counselor
  • Reaching out to talk to people who I trust and who help me. I had a client call the Tucson Warm Line this past week and she was able to calm down from a high intensity emotional state by doing so.  Tanya Witman, Bereavement Intern
  • Coloring – Did you know you can relieve stress and anxiety by coloring?  Print and enjoy the coloring sheet provided by American Counseling Association. 

At Casa our dedicated team of Bereavement counselors provide bereavement support and superior care to those whose loved ones have died. During this challenging time our professional counselors continue to be committed and available by phone and online with NEW online support groups.

For more information or to register for an online support group call 520.544.9890

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