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Corporate Integrity

Because Casa de la Luz is committed to promoting strong business ethics and accountability within the company, we are focused on corporate integrity. We fulfill this commitment through our compliance team. Their responsibility is to promote and monitor compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations. This includes regulations governing federal and state healthcare programs, fraud and abuse matters, ethics, privacy and security requirements, and corporate governance.

Because of the complexity of healthcare laws, a strong compliance program is crucial to our company. Having a compliance program in place helps our company maintain its commitment to being a responsible and ethical hospice provider by identifying and preventing illegal and unethical conduct; improving the quality and consistency of patient care; creating a structure for employees to report potential problems; and developing procedures for prompt and thorough investigation of misconduct. Compliance is an integral business component in order to maintain Casa de la Luz’s status as a quality healthcare provider.

Casa de la Luz implemented its compliance program in 2004. The Compliance Officer works closely with other company departments, including operations, clinical, and information systems as well as the governing body to ensure the adherence to compliance standards. The Compliance Officer works with Human Resources to create compliance training programs for employees. Casa de la Luz employees must take an annual compliance training course along with other training courses depending on their role in the company. At Casa de la Luz, every employee is educated in compliance, and every employee is responsible for ensuring their own ethical, compliant behavior.

The Compliance Officer for Casa de la Luz is Karen Niles, RN. Her role is to oversee all aspects of compliance for the company by working with many different departments and associates to ensure the coordination of internal compliance and to answer any questions or concerns about compliance. Her goal is to continually enhance Casa de la Luz’s proactivity in this area.

Call 520.544.9890 for more information on Casa de la Luz’s compliance program.

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